Buildings and Baptists

Recorded: 09/08/2014
What happens when a church doesn't have its own place? This was the annual Baptist Research Christchurch mid-winter lecture. The Church is people, but we are social beings anchored in geography, and a sense of place is significant. Our landscapes, our weather, and our buildings, all connect people together and give witness to our history and identity, and our sense of home. Historically, Baptists have been committed to more ?edgy? expressions of discipleship and have engaged in mission in innovative ways. The buildings where Baptist churches meet tend to be multi-use spaces that can be readily adapted for groups with very different needs. But what happens when a church does not have its own place, its own home? This talk comes from Stephanie?s research into four Baptist Churches that chose to live without buildings. It will explore what it means to be Baptist in the New Zealand context and reflect on ways that the lack of church buildings impacts upon that Church?s participation in God?s Mission. While not specifically on the loss of buildings post-earthquakes, there are some obvious parallels. Lecture: 45 minutes Questions and reflections: 35 minutes at end of lecture
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